Distributors of Fresh, Frozen and Live Seafood

Melbourne Live Seafoods are Australian distributors of fresh fish & seafood, frozen fish & seafood, as well as live seafood and fresh cooked crayfish, delivered in specially constructed transport water tanks. Melbourne Live Seafoods' restaurant supplying division delivers the freshest fish and seafood to all the best restaurants in Melbourne, country Victoria and interstate.

In addition, the catering division of Melbourne Live Seafoods offers a full catering service for private parties and corporate functions across metropolitan Melbourne. You have a choice of ordering ready to cook (marinated) fresh seafood, or have our cooks and waiting staff take care of everything for you. Click here for more information about catering.

Why Melbourne Live Seafoods?

  • sustainable fishing vessels and tanks
  • competitive prices
  • custom-built delivery fleet, capable of delivering live seafood
  • reliable - on time every time!

Melbourne Live Seafoods are dedicated to providing our customers with the finest fresh, frozen and live fish & seafood, with the strongest commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction.

Melbourne Live Seafoods offer a vast selection of fresh, frozen or live fish & seafood and fresh cooked crayfish, delivering seven days a week to the best restaurants and eateries in Melbourne, country Victoria and interstate. As one of the leading seafood suppliers to Melbourne’s top food establishments, Melbourne Live Seafoods a cutting edge quality control and food safety systems, to ensure the seafood reaches our customers in the freshest and best possible condition.

Our sustainable seafood policy means we fish and harvest seafood using our own fishing fleet, using sustainable fishing practices. We are aware of endangered sea species and do our part to maintain the Australian marine ecosystem rich for future generations.

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